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Tungsten materials price is weak and shaking this week. Minmetals reduce the indicative price of tungsten ......
Electrolube, the leading supplier of formulated chemical products to the global electronic, industrial and domestic devices manufacturing sectors, will be launching a versatile new silver conductive adhesive at......
Bismuth price rose for several days. Purchase is ......
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CAN:Antimonynet Metal Prices Nov.21
Tri-Star Resources (AIM: TSTR), the integrated antimony development company, is pleased to announce that it has entered into a shareholders agreement with Oman Investment Fund ("OIF") and ......
Chinese Commerce Ministry issued the ¡°2014 tungsten......
CAN Prices More..
   CAN:Antimonynet Metal Prices Mar.19 03-19
   CAN:Antimonynet Metal Prices Mar.14 03-14
   CAN:Antimonynet Metal Prices Mar.07 03-07
   CAN:Antimonynet Metal Prices Feb.29 02-29
   CAN:Antimonynet Metal Prices Feb.24 02-24
   CAN:Antimonynet Metal Prices Feb.14 02-14
   CAN:Antimonynet Metal Prices Feb.01 02-01
   CAN:Antimonynet Metal Prices Jan.25 01-25
   CAN:Antimonynet Metal Prices Jan.18 01-18
   CAN:Antimonynet Metal Prices Jan.13 01-13
Antimony Ore Prices More..
   Antimony Ore Price Jan.06 01-07
   Antimony Ore Price Dec.07 12-07
   Antimony Ore Price Nov.07 11-07
   Antimony Ore Price Oct.07 10-07
   Antimony Ore Price Sep.07 09-07
   Antimony Ore Price Aug.07 08-07
   Antimony Ore Price July.07 07-07
   Antimony Ore Price Jun.12 06-12
   Antimony Ore Price Jun.10 06-10
   Antimony Ore Price Jun.08 06-08
Antimony Ingot Prices More..
   International Antimony Ingot Price Mar.19 03-19
   International Antimony Ingot Price Mar.14 03-14
   International Antimony Ingot Price Mar.07 03-07
   International Antimony Ingot Price Feb.29 02-29
   International Antimony Ingot Price Feb.19 02-19
   International Antimony Ingot Price Feb.14 02-14
   International Antimony Ingot Price Feb.01 02-01
   International Antimony Ingot Price Jan.25 01-25
   International Antimony Ingot Price Jan.18 01-18
   International Antimony Ingot Price Jan.13 01-13
Deep Processing Products Prices More..
   Antimony Deep Processing Products Prices Jun.08 06-08
   Antimony Deep Processing Products Prices Jun.05 06-05
   Antimony Deep Processing Products Prices Jun.03 06-03
   Antimony Deep Processing Products Prices Jun.01 06-01
   Antimony Deep Processing Products Prices May.29 05-29
   Antimony Deep Processing Products Prices May.27 05-27
   Antimony Deep Processing Products Prices May.25 05-25
   Antimony Deep Processing Products Prices May.22 05-22
   Antimony Deep Processing Products Prices May.20 05-20
   Antimony Deep Processing Products Prices May.18 05-18
Antimony Statistics More..
   Europe Minor Metal Prices Monthly Trend Aug. 09-02
   Europe Minor Metal Prices Monthly Trend June 06-27
   Europe Minor Metal Prices Monthly Trend May 05-30
   Europe Minor Metal Prices Monthly Trend Feb. 02-28
   MB Prices Monthly Trend Jan. 01-29
   MB Prices Monthly Trend Dec. 12-30
   MB Prices Monthly Trend Nov. 11-29
   Europe Minor Metal Prices Oct. 10-30
   MB Price Chart(September) 09-27
   MB Price Chart(8.1-8.31) 08-29
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  • London Metal Exchange More..
       From now on, China antimonynet stops the LME pr 03-04
       LME Official Prices Jan.13 01-14
       LME Official Prices Jan.08 01-09
       LME Official Prices Jan.07 01-08
       LME Official Prices Jan.06 01-07
       LME Official Prices Jan.03 01-06
       LME Official Prices Jan.02 01-03
       LME Official Prices Dec.31 01-02
       LME Official Prices Dec.30 12-31
       LME Official Prices Dec.27 12-30
    Metal Bulletin Prices More..
       Metal Bulletin Prices May.30 06-05
       Metal Bulletin Prices May.28 05-29
       Metal Bulletin Prices May.23 05-26
       Metal Bulletin Prices May.21 05-22
       Metal Bulletin Prices May.16 05-19
       Metal Bulletin Prices May.14 05-15
       Metal Bulletin Prices May.09 05-12
       Metal Bulletin Prices May.07 05-08
       Metal Bulletin Prices May.02 05-05
       Metal Bulletin Prices Apr.25 04-28
    Trading Market More..
       52% Sb Ores 08-08
       Antimony Ore 08-06
       Antimony Ore 07-24
       52% antimony ore 07-04
       Antimony ORE 06-27
       supply Antimony ore 06-07
       60 plus % antimony 05-02
       antimony ore 04-22
       Selling Antimony Ore, Copper Ores 04-01
       Pure Antimony Ingot 03-28
    Supply and Demand Information. More..
       Antimony Mine 02-10
       38mm Electric or Gasoline Concrete Vibrator for Construction 01-28
       high-efficient Flexible Shaft 16mm 01-28
       65 Mn steel D13mm flexible shaft 01-28
       China manufacturer & supplier flexible rubber hose used in c 01-28
       D30mm D32mm steel-wire strengthen flexible rubber hose 01-28
       JINQUAN 30mm hard rock drill taper chisel bits for sale 01-13
       Mining drill bit /11 degree taper cross bit 01-13
       R22 R25 Thread cross bit and 7 11 degree taper cross bit 01-13
       hard rock mining integral drill steel, integral drill rod 01-13
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