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-Antimony Ore
-Rough Antimony Oxide Powder
-Copper Ore

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-Antimony Scraps
-Cobalt and Molybdenum slags
-Lead Materiels
-Zinc Materiels
-Copper Materiels
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    ShenYang HuaChang Antimony Chemical Co.,Ltd

   With over forty years' development, Huachang Antimony Industry is reformed from Hunan Huachang-the secondary state-owned enterprise and the Chinese second antimony products base into a huge syndicate group. Now our group holds and shares the entities of Shenyang Huachang Antimony Chemical Co.,Ltd,Yiyang Huachang Antimony Co.,Ltd,Hongkong Huachang Antimony Chemical Limited,Shenyang Chenzhou Mining Co.,Ltd, Dalian Five Star Catalysts Factory,Shengli Chemical Factory,Changde Antimony Factory, Ouya Masterbatch Factory,Xinhuan Non-Ferrous Metal Smelting Plant and Fushun Copper Smelting Plant. With fast reformation, Huachang Antimony Industry purchases and holds the stock of Xinhuan Non-Ferrous Metal Smelting Plant, newly increases the production lines for separating antimony, lead, arsenic, and builds the production lines for regenerating and using lead, zinc, bismuth and indium. In December 2007, Yiyang Global Star Mining Co., Ltd was established which mainly smelts the tailing ores of lead & antimony and produces lead-antimony alloy. The production lines for regenerating and using other non-ferrous metals also have been under preparation and construction.

    Export Products List
Catalytic Antimony Trioxide Antimony Trioxide Dust Free Antimony Trioxide
    Procurement Products List
Antimony Ore Copper Ores Tin Ore
Export Products List
Catalytic Antimony Trioxide
Antimony Trioxide
Dust Free Antimony Trioxide
Antimony Triacetate
Cobalt Acetate
Manganese Acetate
Antimony Trisulfide
Antimony Ingot
Antimony Trioxide Flame Retardant Masterbatch
Sodium Antimonate
Antimony Glycolate
Lead & Antimony Alloy
Blue Tungsten Oxide
Tungsten Trioxide
Tungsten Powder
Ammonium Paratungstate
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